CHURCH HISTORY: ( Home Church- IBBC San Leandro, California)

If there is any institution that stands as a testimony of the magnificent work of God, it is the International Bible Baptist Church. Throughout the years of its existence, one can find the fingerprints of God’s handiwork in all facets of the ministry of IBBC.

It was in the year 1987 when the Lord led the then Assistant Pastor and Music Director of Bible Baptist Church in Marysville, CA, Rev. J. Hernes M. Abante, to the San Francisco bay area to canvass for a place to start a new Church. Through the Lord’s guidance, Pastor Abante was led to Bro. Paul Kellogg who later consented to have a Bible Study in his home with his family and friends. The Lord blessed that night on September 13, 1987, with 8 in attendance and 2 persons saved. Immediately the following Sunday, these 2 converts followed the Lord Jesus Christ in water baptism in Marysville, CA, which is 76 miles north east of Pastor Abante’s residence.

The Lord continued to bless the weekly services, which was later moved inside the garage of Pastor Abante’s residence in the city of Suisun, CA. The weekly services produced a good harvest of souls, one of them is Danny Decena and soon after, his wife, Agnes Decena also received Christ as her Savior and both later obeyed the Lord in the waters of baptism. This couple became instrumental in establishing the International Bible Baptist Church in Alameda County. With the birth of the Alameda congregation, Pastor Abante found himself commuting to two locations, Fairfield and Alameda. For nearly 2 years, the Abante family commuted and ministered to these two congregations until a decision was made to have joint services on the first Sunday of each month at the Filipino Community Center in Vallejo, CA.

The greatest challenge that IBBC encountered through the years was the place of worship – not having its own Church facility. The Church, which had her humble beginning inside a garage in Suisun City, relocated more than 10 times. From the Pastor’s garage and Bro. Gil Toribio’s living room, the Church also occupied a Senior Center, Community Center, Country Club facility, another rented garage, and the facilities of Calvary Baptist Church, San Lorenzo Baptist Church, Evangelical Church of Alameda and finally a rented storefront in San Leandro, CA. The trials of faith and persecutions along the way made the leaders and members of IBBC more faithful and committed in the tasks given to them by God.

IBBC continues to grow steadily as the Lord leads and has several congregations in the United States, Canada and worldwide. With God’s grace and as the Lord tarries His return, it is the desire of the founding Pastor, Dr. J. Hernes M. Abante, to continue planting more IBBC congregations in other states and foreign lands.

The Name and Nature of IBBC

The name, “The International Bible Baptist Church” is a name with a definite objective. It is not simply a name. It carries our identity, our distinction as well as the nature and focus of our ministry.

International – Refers to the scope of our ministry. It is in agree-ment with the mandate God has given us in His Word when He says, “Go ye into all the World.” ( Mark 16:15). Our field is the whole world. It is the desire of IBBC to reach all nations, all tongues, and all people with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We aim to reach the multi-ethnic commu-nity and we do not discriminate against anybody.

Bible – Refers to the source of doctrines, faith and practices of IBBC. Our local Church is based on the principles of the Word of God ( 2Timothy3:16). It is basically FUNDAMENTAL (basically BIBLE). We do not follow a certain dogma. Our belief is all BIBLE ( Romans 16:26). We only teach what the Bible teaches ( Romans 15:4). If the Bible is quiet, we are also quiet (Revelation 22:18) . We are practically a MISSIOLOGICAL Church (Luke 10:2). We believe in the ministry of Church planting and world mission based on Acts 1:8. While we reach our Jerusalem, we be-lieve in simultaneously reaching our Judea, Samaria, and the utter most

part of the world.

Baptist – Refers to our biblical and historical heritage. We are a Bible Baptist not a denominational Baptist or religious Baptist. That means IBBC is a Church (Matthew 16:18, Ephesians 1:22; 3:21), not a de-nomination or a religious organization. As a Bible and historical Baptist, we are independent and autonomous. Our Churches are self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating ( Acts 2:41-42; 11:26). We also be-lieve in the doctrine of separation from Immorality and Apostasy.(2Corinthians 6:14;17) We do not adhere to idea of Ecumenism and Inter-denominationalism.

Church – Refers to the local Church. We adhere to the true nature and definition of a Church that is only local and visible. ( Matthew 16:18. Acts 2:47,Romans 16:15, 1 Thess 1:1, 2 Thess 1:1, In the New Testament, all the Church epistles were written to specific Churches. We do not ad-here to the Universal Invisible Church idea of Protestantism and/or the Universal Visible Church idea of Catholicism. As an Independent local Bap-tist Church, we do not belong to the Protestant denomination since our existence could be traced back to the Church founded in Jerusalem by the Lord Jesus Christ. (Matthew 16:18).

IBBC is proud of her name. The name provides the clear message of who she really is. The name “International Bible Baptist Church” clearly aims to glorify no one else but our Almighty Savior. ( Romans 11:16)